Hide Files in Android without any app.


Hide files in Android without any app:

In today’s world, each and every person is very keen of security and safety of their personal stuff. It can be anything document, files, records, notes….anything.
Most the people to reduce the load to carry all such stuff as explained above, they store all the information on their phone. So now the question comes “How can we hide these personal files from other people? ”. There are many third-party apps available in the market which provides you these features. But they can be easily shown on the home screen or app drawer when a closer person opens your phone.
So, now I am going to discuss a way in which you can hide the files without using any app.

First method:By changing the file format.

In this method as the name suggest we are going to change the format of the file that we want to hide from all the others. Due to change in format, this file cannot be read by any app and will be hidden from a person who uses your phone in your absence.
To change the format of a file you can follow below given steps on the Android phone:

Notes: Here I am using a third party app to change the extension, as in older mobile it is not possible to change the extension from the inbuilt file manager.
1) Open your File Manager, go to file manager settings. In settings check for “Show File Extension”. Enable it or check the box before it. In some of the new Android upper than 5.0, it is enabled by default so you can directly move to step 2.
2) Now move to the file that you want to hide.
3) Long press the file to rename it.
Rename File Extention To hide click_on_rename_

4) Now you have to delete the file format (extension) which is after a dot. For example, if you want to hide a png file, you will have to replace .jpg with anything which is not a format extension like .abc and click ok.

Rename file extension replace_-png_with_-abc

5) Once you do this you will get a small pop up on your screen like below stating :
“ If you change this file’s extension, you may not be able to open it.”

rename_file_extention unsupported_file

6) Click Ok button. Now you are done.

After this if you try to open the file it will give you a message on the screen stating No app can perform this action.
This indicates that this file is not supported by any of the apps and cannot be displayed. To again open this file you can rename the file in the same way as above to the earlier extension.

This is really very effective when you want to hide a limited number of files. But if you want to hide a larger number of files it is very difficult to change the extension of each and every file. In this second method would be the best method to hide a large number of files.

Second method  Moving files to the hidden folder internal memory.

This is the best method to hide files. In this method you just have to move files to a location in internal memory where they can not visible to any app. The folder location is as given below:
“Internal Storage>Android>data”


As this folder (Data) cannot be accessed by any of the app installed on the Android phone. Hence crawl of the app to the files and folder will be prevented. Thus files present in this folder will be hidden permanently.
However, I suggest making a “New folder” in the “Internal Storage>Android>data” folder to make sure that your data is stored in one location.

Control computer with your Smartphone.

Control computer with Smartphone

Control computer with your Smartphone.

It is really very interesting to control your PC with your smartphone especially if you are lazy. Now I came here with a new technique with which you can control your Computer with your smartphone. To do this now I am going to use Unified Remote. It will not matter which smartphone you have. It is compatible with all smartphone (Android, iPhone, Windows phone).

Unified Remote is remote control app which enables you to use your smartphone as mouse and Keyboard to control your computer remotely. This means you can use your smartphone to change a music track, open files in your system, control your trackball and many more features. This is a cross-Platform software which means it is compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux, and Raspberry Pi and Arduino

Requirements to use Unified Remote:

1) Internet Connection is mandatory to use Unified Remote.
2) Computer and Android device should be connected to the same WiFi network ( Internet Connection ).

How to set Unified Remote in your Computer.

It is very simple to install Unified Remote in Computer. To use Unified Remote you have to first install Server in Computer.

Unified Remote Server:

You can download and install Unified Remote Server from Unified Remote Website as per your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux or and Raspberry Pi and Arduino).aspberry Pi and Arduino)Unified Remote Server

Unified Remote

Once installed Unified Remote runs in background automatically, there is no need of any additional setup. After installation you can see a small icon appears in the notification bar. If it is not shows you can search it in menu to run manually.

Unified remlote notification Unified Remote in Start menu

Install Unified Server in your Smartphone.

Once you have installed Unified Server in your computer you have to install Unified Server in your Smartphone. You can download and install Unified Remote Server for Android, iPhone or Windows phone. Make sure your Smartphone and the computer to be monitored are connected to the same Internet connection.

Below are the screenshots explaining how to install Unified Server in Android phone.

Unified Remote Search in playstore Unified remote installation in Android

Once you have installed Remote Server in your Android open the app. once you open the app it will ask to sign in with an email account.

Unified Remote icon on Android Unified Remote sign in

Ater you have successfully signed with any of your email account. You will get the main menu of Unified Remote. Click the menu on top left corner of the screen. And tap on Server. This will show you the computers connected to your Wifi on which servers are installed. You can select the computer you want to control.

Unified Remote menu Unified Remote server Unified Remote select server

If you do not have Wifi Network you can create a wifi hotspot on your smartphone and connect computer to it.
Now you are ready to start controlling your computer with your smartphone.
Now Use your Smartphone to control your Computer Completely.

To control a computer you will get different options on the phone. This indicates different features that you can control these are described in detail as below.

Basic Input:Use Smartphone as Mouse and Keyboard:

This option will allows you to use your smartphone as mouse and keyboard. Click on Basic Input this give you white screen with some instructions as shown in picture below. This allows you to use your smatphone as mouse.
To use keyboard click on small keyboard symbol on the bottom left corner. This pops up a keyboard on the screen of your smartphone to control keyboard of your computer.

Unified Remote Basic input Unified Remote keyboard

File Manager:

Use your Android phone to manage files in your computer
With this you can access all the files, folders and drives in your computer. This allows you to move copy delete files with in the computer. Please not you cannot transfer files from computer to your phone or vice-versa.Unified Remote file manager


Media allows you to control or change music tracks, play/pause or stop music tracks on the computer and control volume of the computer.Unified Remote media player


Power is another handy remote. This allows you to restart, shutdown, log off, lock, sleep, wake on lan, hibernate, abort.Unified Remote power manager

Above given instructions is a part of free software. However if you purchase the full version you can access many other great features of this app such as control browser, players and many more.

Hope above information will help you to control your computer with your smartphone. If you are facing any issue in using this feel free to reach us at info@abcforu.com