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About us

About us

Hi, my name is Sumit Sindhu. I have done my graduations in Mechanical. According to me, every human being wants its work to be done easily and in a simple way. Same is with me. So I am keen to find various ways a gadget can be used. Many at times this habit simplified my work. This encouraged me to use the gadget in a more creative way to make my work easier and simpler.

On ABC For U I share my experience so that every individual can do their work in a simpler manner. With this in mind, I started blogging in August 2016.

Every time I keep thinking the best way a gadget can be used  . As every gadget is made to simplify human work.

If you have any problem for any of the mentioned blog on this website feel free to reach me at info@abcforu.com or you can click here to fill a contact form. I love solving a problem.