Two Whatsapp in 1 Android device using GB Whatsapp.

Two Whatsapp in 1 Android device using GB Whatsapp.

GB Whatsapp is another way to use two whatsapp account in single Android phone. The best thing in this is that it not necessary to root the Android phone. It works perfectly in non rooted devices too. I also use the GB Whatsapp to use two whatsapp accounts in one Android phone. It is really very easy to install and use in any type of Android phone.

Advantages of GB Whatsapp:

1)  There is no need to root the Android phone.
2) It gives live notifications in both the accounts.
3) No need to install any other app like in 2 line for Whazzap.
4) Inbuilt many features like Hide last seen, hide blue tick, share big flies and many more.
5) Very smooth working.

Requirements for GB Whatsapp:

Before we go to the installation of the app, let us first see what basic requirements to use this app which are as follows:

1) It works on any Android Platform
2) A working Internet connection
3) Works in both rooted or unrooted devices

Even after so many advantages GB Whatsapp have only one limitation. Unlike 2 lines Whatzzap you cannot use multiple Whatsapp account in it. You can use only 2 Whatsapp account in your Android with this app.

How to Install GB Whatsapp in Android phone.

Now let’s have a look towards, How to install GB Whatsapp in Android phone to use two Whatsapp in Android phone.

1) First of all you have to download GB Whatsapp in Android phone.
In order to download GB Whatsapp please click here.
2) Once you finish the downloading the app install it in the Android phone like you install any other app. Once installed click open.
3) After you click on Open it will ask for the to enter a number. In this you have to enter a number which you want to use in as secondary Whatsapp account. You would be already using one number in original Whatsapp.
4) It will automatically verify your number as a normal Whatsapp in just few seconds.
5) Now after successful verification you are done. Now there are two whatsapp in your Android mobile.

Now you have

1st Whatsapp account in original Whatsapp

2nd account in GB Whatsapp.

Two Whatsapp account in One Android phone.

Two Whatsapp account in One Android phone.

Hi Abc For U Team is again here to bring up a new sensational idea for all the whatsapp users. Almost all the mobile users have multiple numbers. It would be a personal number and a work number or some thing similar. Now every one knows that we can use two sim in one cell phone. But can we use Two Whatsapp account in the same phone? it is always a problem for those people who wants to differ their work and their home.. Now the answer to above question is yes. It is possible to use two Whatsapp accounts in a one Android phone. But how can we use two Whatsapp account with one Android. Just a few simple steps as given follows:

Use Two whatsapp account in one android phone with Allow 2  Lines for Whazzap ★root app:

In this method we will be using 2 lines for Whazzap application to use two Whatsapp account in one Android phone. But before we go to the main matter, I would like to update you that there are some requirements to use 2 line for Whazzap in your Android phone. If you fulfill the requirements only then you will be able to use 2 Line for Whazzap in your Android phone.

So let’s first have a look towards the Requirements to use 2 line for Whazzap :

1) Before you install 2 line for Whazzap  in, you need to root your Android phone. Rooting is a simple process performed on Android devices to set it free from all the set of limitations that are imposed by the manufacturer.. No Data or functions of the Android phone are effected by rooting.
2) Android version of your android phone should be 2.3.6 or above
3) There should be at least 5 MB of free space.

2 line for Whazzap  limitations :

This a free tool used to use two or more whats app account (Up to 10 accounts ) in one single Android phone. However there are some of the disadvantages too to use this app:

1) It requires compulsory root of the Android device.
2) To use this app you will also have to download BusyBox ( Which is also a free app to use )
3) You will not get real time notification in your multiple accounts ( This is possible with GBWhatsapp Only)

Set up 2 line for Whazzap  in Android phone:

1) First you have to download and install 2 line for Whazzap  from google play. you or can also download it by clicking here.

2) Once it is installed successfully in your android open it.
3) Once you run a message will pop up. It is to grant Super su permission to this app. It will also ask to downloaded an another app (BusyBox), and to allow cookies.
4) Once it is done you can add another whatsapp account with 2 line for Whazzap . To do this click on + sign at the bottom righ corner.

5) Once you click on + sign it will as you to put a name and number of 2nd Whazzap .
6) Once it is verified you can us two Whatsapp in one android Phone.
In the same way you can add 8 more Whatsapp accounts to the 2 line for Whazzap

How to change wallpaper in Android.

How to change wallpaper in Android.

Have you just got a brand new shiny Android device? Then I am sure you would be looking for a way to get rid of that boring default wallpaper. Don’t you worry we at Abcforu are here to help you to guide you through How to change wallpaper. I would like to update you that each device has a number of pre-installed static wallpaper and live wallpapers. However you can also download many types of wallpapers from the Internet or Android Market or can share from your friends. Once you get the required wallpaper in the Android device, you can follow below steps. Below given are the steps how to set  a wallpaper in Android device:

How to change wallpaper on your home screen:

Tap and hold on the Home screen to open a box with Home Screen on top.

Select Wallpapers

This will give you three options Home Screen, Lock Screen and Home and Lock screen.

Select Home Screen and choose the type of wallpaper. There may be three options available to change the wallpaper: Gallery, Live wallpapers, and Wallpapers.

Gallery: It allows you to select any one of your own picture or a picture stored in your device as wallpaper. Tap Gallery and select the picture you like to display as wallpaper. Once you select your picture you can also crop it to desired figures. Once you crop it tap Save to set the cropped picture as Home Screen wallpaper.

Live Wallpaper: It provides you the ability to set an animated background to set as wallpaper. Tap on Live wallpaper and select the live wallpaper stored in the Android device. Once selected tap Set Wallpaper to set it as background

Wallpapers: These are a set of pre-installed high resolution images in your device. Tap Wallpapers and select the one you like most. Then tap Set Wallpaper to set selected picture as wallpaper.

Problem with Android Device Manager.

Problem with Android Device Manager.

Android Device Manager is a tool to locate lost Android device or to ring or to erase data in the Android. It is mainly to remotely control your phone.

However if you don’t see your device make sure that you’re signed in to your Google Account, your location settings are on, and that you’ve turned on Android Device Manager in Google Settings.

If you still do not find your device then :

1) Unhide device on Google Play

2) Use same Google account.

Unhide device on Google Play

If a device is hidden in Google Play then it will not appear in Android Device Manager. So you have to check that your device is not hidden in Google Play. To check this just follow below steps:


Sign in with your google account

In the “Visibility” column, select a device.

This will make your device visible in Google Play.

Use same Google account.

While using Android Device Manager you must be signed in to google account in the device and your system.



How to use Android Device Manager to locate, ring and erase Android;

How to use Android Device Manager to locate, ring and erase Android;

Android Device Manager can be used to locate, ring or erase data from your lost Android phone. Before you can use Android Device Manager please make sure that location access is turned on in your phone.

Before you can use Android Device Manager to locate or ring or erase in your mobile, you must take care of below things:

1) Android Device Manager is turned ON in your phone.

2) Location Access should be turned On in phone.

How to turn ON Android Device Manager in your phone.

Open Google Settings,Settings

Scroll down to click security

Check “Remotely locate this device” and “Allow remote lock and erase”

Google Settings- SecurityGoogle setting-Android Device Manager

How to turn ON location Access in the phone.

Open your Google Settings  Settings.

Scroll down and tap Location.

Check “Access location”.

Google Settings- LocationsGoogle Settings- Access location

How to use Android Device Manager

After you turn on Android Device Manager and location tarcker, You can track your Android by Sign in to your Google Account on and check whether your device shows up.

Once you launch Android device Manager you will see that it is trying to locate your Android. If your Android is ON and connected to Internet , you will see your Android location on a map. This is the way how Android device Manager can locate your device.If your device is lost and if it is connected to Internet and if all the above settings are done in advance you can easily use Android Device Manager Website to search and locate for your Android.

Android Device Manager shows the phone on the map. Along with the location it gives you three more options

To Ring your Android
Lock your Android.
Erase your Android.

Ring your Android with Android Device Manager:

This features allows your device tto ring on volume 5. Once you click on this tab a message pops up as “Your device will ring at full volume for 5 minutes. Press the power button to stop the ringing.” If you click on Ring your device will start ringing. This feature can be used if you just found your phone missing. With Android Device Manager find the location to go near to the phone. Once you reach near to your phone you can click Ring to identify your phone easily.

Android Device Manager Ring

Lock your Android with Android Device Manager:

Many at times we go to parties with friends and forget our phone in the party. In this case any of our near and dear can take a advantage to take any personal information, it may be any Number, Picture, Video or any thing. In this case you can make use of Android Device Manager to change your lock screen with a password.When you click on Lock Tab a message pops up “New lock screen: Your current lock screen will be replaced with a password lock. Don’t use your Google account password.” Which allows you to set a password to your device which will keep all your phones data safe and secure.

Android Device Manager- lock device

Erase your Android with Android Device Manager:

While on a journey we loose our Android with lots of personal information in it. When this happens with any one of us we really care only for the information. Which can be used or misused for any purpose. If you stuck in any kind of this situation you can use Android Device Manager to erase all your data in the phone.This option will perform a factory reset on the device. Once you click on the Erase Tab you will get following message “This performs a factory reset on your device. Your apps, photos, music and settings will be deleted. After you erase the device, Android Device Manager will no longer work. This reset is permanent. We may not be able to wipe the content of the SD card in your device.If your device is offline, we will perform the factory reset as soon as it goes online.”

Android Device Manager-Erase data