Abc of iPhone 7:

Abc of iPhone 7: Everyone has been waiting for the launch of iPhone 7. Now it is launched and every one is curious to know  about the new features and new thing that are embedded in new iPhone 7. Here comes abc of iPhone 7.  Below all the features as mentioned in detailed: iPhone 7 Features and Modifications Size and Display :  The phone is very much similar to the iPhone 6S in size. It is 4.7-inch screen sports a 1334×750 resolution .  According  to  Apple “HD Retina Display” is 25% brighter  than earlier models you’re eyes will be in for a treat. .  New  phone includes pressure-sensitive 3D Touch layer that vibrates slightly when  pressed. Home button: This time to bring a new feel to iPhone 7 home button is  made solid  state.  This …

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iPhone tricks

iPhone tricks iPhone started in 2007 now has became a world famous brand which is familiar to all of us. According a recent survey it is expected that more than 50% population is using an iPhone in their daily life. However many of the users are not known to  the hidden features of an iPhone …

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