iPhone tricks

iPhone tricks

iPhone started in 2007 now has became a world famous brand which is familiar to all of us. According a recent survey it is expected that more than 50% population is using an iPhone in their daily life. However many of the users are not known to  the hidden features of an iPhone which can make their life a bit simpler.

Here I am going to discuss some of the iPhone tricks which can help you make your life a bit simpler with iPhone.

  • iPhone trick: Spotlight search.

Once you type something in the Spotlight search bar of your iPhone. You can access almost anything stored in your iPhone. Like your contacts, apps, messages, clander, events, songs, videos and a lot more(If it fails to your iPhone will offer to search on the Internet).

If you want Spotlight Search to stop accessing some of your personal information. You can customize it to your requirement by going to Settings> General> Spotlight Search.


  • iPhone trick: Remove a Notification:

Sometime while doing some work on the iPhone, you can encounter some embarrassing Notification. To get rid of these type of embarrassing Notification you just have to swipe the notification from right to left.

iPhone tricks

  • iPhone tricks: Use of Earbuds:

While listening to music on iPhone with Earbuds you may be willing to need to change the song or pause it. Here is the way how you can Play/Pause the music, play next track, play previous track.

Press Once on the remote of Earbuds: play/pause the music.
Press Twice the remote of Earbuds: play next music.
Press Thrice the remote of Earbuds : play previous music.

iPhone tricks.

  • iPhone trick: Scroll to the top with one click.

When you are surfing on the Internet or while reading some content on your iPhone you may have reached to very bottom of the page. Now instead of sliding whole page to go to top you can just tap the top bar of any app. You will scroll back to the top immediately.

iPhone tricks

  • iPhone trick: Accessibility feature:

If a child wants to play with your iPhone or iPad, you may need to turn on the Accessibility Feature. This feature keeps little fingers from clicking or tapping and ending up someplace they’re not supposed to be, or even deleting something accidentally.

Go into Settings > General > Accessibility > Guided Access and turn it on. Turn on the Accessibility Shortcut, also.

iPhone tricks

  • iPhone tricks : Undo typing:

When typing message with keyboard, sometime you may want to delete all of them by pressing the “delete” button, one by one. Alternatively, you can choose to shake one time, and then choose Undo Typing; all messages will be deleted by one click.

iPhone tricks

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