Abc of iPhone 7:

Abc of iPhone 7:

Everyone has been waiting for the launch of iPhone 7. Now it is launched and every one is curious to know  about the new features and new thing that are embedded in new iPhone 7. Here comes abc of iPhone 7.  Below all the features as mentioned in detailed:

iPhone 7 Features and Modifications

Size and Display :  The phone is very much similar to the iPhone 6S in size. It is 4.7-inch screen sports a 1334×750 resolution .  According  to  Apple “HD Retina Display” is 25% brighter  than earlier models you’re eyes will be in for a treat. .  New  phone includes pressure-sensitive 3D Touch layer that vibrates slightly when  pressed.

Home button: This time to bring a new feel to iPhone 7 home button is  made solid  state.  This  means  one  cannot physically press or click it. In iPhone 7 home button is pressure sensitive,  including  “taptic feedback”,   Which just means that apps can give you three levels of pressure and haptic feedback, like a light or strong buzz.

Water resistance : This new  phone is water and dust resistance (IP67). This means that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will be damage free from water and dust. But it is to be remembered that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus can be taken underwater for about 30 minutes, up to 1 meter deep.

No Jack for headphones in new iPhone 7 : This is something very new introduced in the phone. There is no Headphone jack. Instead Apple’s new EarPods headphones will connect through the Lightning connector port; you’ll also get an adapter in the box. These connects wirelessly through auto-pairing.

Camera: The iPhone 7 keeps the 12-megapixel camera, but adds a larger aperture and (OIS)optical image stabilization that keeps images steadier. There’s a six-element lens and the two-tone flash now has four LEDs for 50% more light and a 50% further reach. It also features a flicker sensor for artificial light, for better picture results.

Front-facing camera: Apple has overhauled its camera tech for the iPhone 7, upping the front-facing snapper from 5MP to a 7MP Facetime HD offering.

Stereo speakers:  A second speaker is added in iPhone 7 to provide a stereo speaker effect. One is at the top and another is at the bottom.

Longer battery life: Apple says the iPhone 7 has the best battery life of any iPhone. It reckons those upgrading from the iPhone 6S can expect, on average, an additional two hours from each charge.
Apple also quotes 40 hours of wireless audio playback and 13 hours of wireless audio.

Faster processor: The iPhone 7 has been groomed to launch alongside iOS 10, and it’s a tremendous feature upgrade over iOS 9.3. It introduces a much smarter Siri that can command third-party apps, new Messaging functionality and a convenient Raise to Wake way of lighting up the phone.
It doesn’t stop with a software upgrade under the hood. It also gets a performance boost, with the phone packing a four-core, 64-bit Apple A10 Fusion chip.
That’s a big leap from just a dual-core processor in the iPhone 6S, with Apple saying the iPhone 7 is 40% faster than its predecessor, and twice as fast as the iPhone 6. While Apple hasn’t confirmed the amount of RAM inside the new phone

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