Two Whatsapp in 1 Android device using GB Whatsapp.

Two Whatsapp in 1 Android device using GB Whatsapp.

GB Whatsapp is another way to use two whatsapp account in single Android phone. The best thing in this is that it not necessary to root the Android phone. It works perfectly in non rooted devices too. I also use the GB Whatsapp to use two whatsapp accounts in one Android phone. It is really very easy to install and use in any type of Android phone.

Advantages of GB Whatsapp:

1)  There is no need to root the Android phone.
2) It gives live notifications in both the accounts.
3) No need to install any other app like in 2 line for Whazzap.
4) Inbuilt many features like Hide last seen, hide blue tick, share big flies and many more.
5) Very smooth working.

Requirements for GB Whatsapp:

Before we go to the installation of the app, let us first see what basic requirements to use this app which are as follows:

1) It works on any Android Platform
2) A working Internet connection
3) Works in both rooted or unrooted devices

Even after so many advantages GB Whatsapp have only one limitation. Unlike 2 lines Whatzzap you cannot use multiple Whatsapp account in it. You can use only 2 Whatsapp account in your Android with this app.

How to Install GB Whatsapp in Android phone.

Now let’s have a look towards, How to install GB Whatsapp in Android phone to use two Whatsapp in Android phone.

1) First of all you have to download GB Whatsapp in Android phone.
In order to download GB Whatsapp please click here.
2) Once you finish the downloading the app install it in the Android phone like you install any other app. Once installed click open.
3) After you click on Open it will ask for the to enter a number. In this you have to enter a number which you want to use in as secondary Whatsapp account. You would be already using one number in original Whatsapp.
4) It will automatically verify your number as a normal Whatsapp in just few seconds.
5) Now after successful verification you are done. Now there are two whatsapp in your Android mobile.

Now you have

1st Whatsapp account in original Whatsapp

2nd account in GB Whatsapp.

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