Two Whatsapp account in One Android phone.

Two Whatsapp account in One Android phone.

Hi Abc For U Team is again here to bring up a new sensational idea for all the whatsapp users. Almost all the mobile users have multiple numbers. It would be a personal number and a work number or some thing similar. Now every one knows that we can use two sim in one cell phone. But can we use Two Whatsapp account in the same phone? it is always a problem for those people who wants to differ their work and their home.. Now the answer to above question is yes. It is possible to use two Whatsapp accounts in a one Android phone. But how can we use two Whatsapp account with one Android. Just a few simple steps as given follows:

Use Two whatsapp account in one android phone with Allow 2  Lines for Whazzap ★root app:

In this method we will be using 2 lines for Whazzap application to use two Whatsapp account in one Android phone. But before we go to the main matter, I would like to update you that there are some requirements to use 2 line for Whazzap in your Android phone. If you fulfill the requirements only then you will be able to use 2 Line for Whazzap in your Android phone.

So let’s first have a look towards the Requirements to use 2 line for Whazzap :

1) Before you install 2 line for Whazzap  in, you need to root your Android phone. Rooting is a simple process performed on Android devices to set it free from all the set of limitations that are imposed by the manufacturer.. No Data or functions of the Android phone are effected by rooting.
2) Android version of your android phone should be 2.3.6 or above
3) There should be at least 5 MB of free space.

2 line for Whazzap  limitations :

This a free tool used to use two or more whats app account (Up to 10 accounts ) in one single Android phone. However there are some of the disadvantages too to use this app:

1) It requires compulsory root of the Android device.
2) To use this app you will also have to download BusyBox ( Which is also a free app to use )
3) You will not get real time notification in your multiple accounts ( This is possible with GBWhatsapp Only)

Set up 2 line for Whazzap  in Android phone:

1) First you have to download and install 2 line for Whazzap  from google play. you or can also download it by clicking here.

2) Once it is installed successfully in your android open it.
3) Once you run a message will pop up. It is to grant Super su permission to this app. It will also ask to downloaded an another app (BusyBox), and to allow cookies.
4) Once it is done you can add another whatsapp account with 2 line for Whazzap . To do this click on + sign at the bottom righ corner.

5) Once you click on + sign it will as you to put a name and number of 2nd Whazzap .
6) Once it is verified you can us two Whatsapp in one android Phone.
In the same way you can add 8 more Whatsapp accounts to the 2 line for Whazzap

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