Update apps manually in Android device.

Update apps manually in Android device.


Every Company update apps on time basis to increase customer experience. This is mainly to improve customers experience while using an app. Sometimes apps do not update by its own. It may be due to any reason like Auto updates are turned off, Unavailability of proper network or any other reason.

Here we will assist you how you can Update apps manually. You just have to follow some easy steps as mentioned below

Steps to Update apps manually.

1) Tap on Google Play app in your Android device.
2) Tap on the menu icon (Three horizontal lines ) on top left corner of the screen.
3) Tap on My apps & games.
4) You will get a list of all the apps that you would have downloaded or installed ever in the phone.
5) These apps are divided into 3 types. Update, Recently updated , Up-to-day.Find your app in the given Update list. Tap update to update a particular apps

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